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Biljana Krstić

Baščaršija Nights | Concert

13.07.18 / 21:00
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Concert of a Serbian singer Biljana "Bilja" Krstić, who has an extremely successful career in music, will be held as a part of the Baščaršija Nights festival.

After successful career in pop music (as part of the bands Suncokret and Rani Mraz, and then solo), Bilja Krstić has decided to record folk songs from the territories of Kosovo, South Serbia, Macedonia, East Serbia, Romania and Hungary. The results were the albums Bistrik (2001) and Zapisi (2003). 

The music performed by Bilja Krstić is a fusion, blend of traditional ethno music, a cappella songs and ethno grooves with elements of improvisation and modern music approach. Their aim is to translate folklore into contemporary art, their performances to awaken the heart and give rebirth and energy to forgotten emotions. 

To date she has released seven albums and has written scores for such films as Savior and Zona Zamfirova

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