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Boje & Vino


06 Dec / 19:30
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If you love the arts, quality wine and a full spread, be sure not to miss the Balkantina event, Boje i Vino.

Balkantina is the first gastro-cultural tourist agency in BiH to popularize local material and non-material culinary, cultural and historical values.

During the three-hour Boje i Vino gathering, which follows the “sip and paint” concept, you will enjoy top varieties of autochthonous wines from Herzegovinian vineyards, an assortment of the finest cheeses from BiH, and you will use acrylic paints with the help of professional painting instructor, Seida Skalonjić.

Whether you are a beginner or have painting experience, you will relax in the artistic atmosphere, and, at the end of the evening, you can take your work of art home with you, and feel enriched by the new experiences and friendships.