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Book Promotion: Graphic Continuities: 1977 - 2017, by Branko Bačanović Bambi

Sarajevo Winter | Event

21 Feb / 20:00
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Exhibition which marks 40 years of creative work of the prominent artist Branko Bačanović Bambi will be closed with a a promotion of his monograph.

During the Olympic Games in Sarajevo, the Winter Olympic Games '84, he was in charge of developing the visual identity of promotional materials (Graphic Standards Manual).

Bacanovic reflected in all forms of graphic design: a complete visual identity of events and companies, a system of visualization in the interior and exterior, the equipment of books and monographs and various illustrations.

His specialty is a poster in the field of culture, and he stands out for being in BiH. theaters introduced the practice of treating a theater poster as part of a play.