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Calligraphy exhibition by Mirza - Mirsad Smajović


Sep 17 - Sep 24 / 08:00
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Mirsad was born in 1967 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, where he completed the Gymnasium. He is rock musician, guitarist, composer, songwriter, arranger and producer in the period from 1986 to 2000.

From 1974 to 1978 he studied the calligraphy and scripture of the Koran under the supervision of professor Esref Kovačević and hfz. Kadriya Yakupi. He has been professionally engaged in calligraphy since 1998. His works of calligraphy are in many galleries, and one of them is in the Pakistani National Museum in Lahora.

His calligraphy boasts many homes of famous people such as Iranian President Mohamed Hatemi, President of Malaysia, Mahathir bin Muhammad, President of Turkey, and some ministers in the government of Konya, Bursa and Antalya.

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