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Činčila & Jindas

Baščaršija Nights | Concert

05 Jul / 21:00
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Činčila is an art psychedelic funk-rock band founded in 2012 in Sarajevo. In addition to music, the band also includes elements of fine art, performance and costume design. Their debut album called "What I Know" was released in 2016.

The music of the band Činčila has a recognizable sound and is the main driver of the new Sarajevo alternative wave that appeared at the beginning of this decade.

The group Jindas performs a rege of music, which is melted through different genres. The word Džindas signifies the traveling musician / entertainer, and best defines the meaning and reason for the existence of this band. The mission of Jindas is to go through the colorful experimental sound, which relies heavily on the indigenous melos of these spaces, to send messages of freedom and love. The band in texts touches the ordinary man, his mentality, needs and mistakes, and tries to map all the emotional states of man in the Balkans.

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