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Exhibition of Calligraphy Works, by prof. Said Rezai

Baščaršija Nights | Exhibition

until 12.07.19 / 10:00
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Said Rezai, calligraphy artist, was born in 1964 in Sardrud, Hamedan province of Iran. His skills were completed by professors: Hussein Kašian (Hossein Kašian), Bahtijari (Baxtiari), Mošaša (Moša) and Ali Ganpur ('Ali Ganpur').

Said Rezaija has made a significant contribution to the development of the calligraphy by exposing to group exhibitions, among others: Biennial of Painting at the Museum of Contemporary Art, 1999, painting of the Asgari Gallery, 2005 painting of Salona "Saba" at the Fejr Festival (Fedžr), 2010 Independent exhibitions: Exhibition of calligraphy in the gallery of the calligraphy company, 2016, woodwork, on the occasion of the World Craft Day, 1999 woodcut, Center for Culture "Narges", 2012

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