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“Greetings From Sarajevo – 1993”: postcards and posters from war-time Sarajevo


Jun 01 - Dec 31 / 10:00
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An exhibit of postcards and posters by the design team, Trio, which was active during war-time Sarajevo, will be on display at Gallery 11/07/95, from June 17, 2016 until May 2017. The exhibit’s most valuable pieces include artwork done during the Sie

Dada and Bojan Hadžihalilović, and Lela Mulabegović-Hatt are former students of the Sarajevo Academy of Fine Arts and were members of the design team, Trio, which acquired quite a reputation throughout former Yugoslavia during the mid-late ‘80s. 

Trio continued with its work even during the Siege, resulting in a major collection of posters and postcards that featured redesigned symbols of 20th-century pop culture with motifs that reflected the war in Sarajevo.

In their works, the artists bridged two separate realities, redesigned paintings, reconstructed brands, altered outer reality and showed that Sarajevo was alive and well and, in doing so, their image of Sarajevo become famous all over the world.