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15.09.18 / 19:30
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There is much debate about whether the ballad was purely poetical and fictional, or based on real people and events. However, the main characters actually existed and are believed to be the basis of the ballad.

The ballad relates that following a battle, whilst lying wounded, Hasan-aga summons his wife, Fatima Arapović, who was unwilling to accompany him. Deeply angered and in pain, Hasan-aga sends his wife a message ordering her to leave his castle without their children. Despite pleading with her brother, who brings her the message and the divorce papers, Hasan-aga's wife is ousted from her home and her brother arranges her to be married to a wealthy kadi.

With pain, she is leaving without her children. As the wedding procession pass by her old castle, she dies of sorrow.

Libreto: Nijaz Alispahić

Director: Sulejman Kupusović

Cast: Amila Bakšić, Ivica Šarić, Amir Saračević, Denis Isaković, Aida Čorbadžić, Leonardo Šarić...

Opera chorus


Sarajevo Philharmonic orchestra

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