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Helem Nejse

Hadžići Winter Fest | Concert

25 Jan / 19:00
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The members of Helem Nejse are Sarajevans who go by the stage names: Čika Gagara, Stihomir Klepić, Urednik, Ajda, Sanjo, Momo and Toshi.

The band first attracted attention with a “collage” show of the same name that hit the airwaves in 2014 on Otvorena Mreža on Sundays at 10:00 p.m.

After achieving enviable popularity, the team went on to create the satirical play, Days of Terrorism, which takes a witty look at modern-day fear and has managed to attract younger crowds to the theater.

After more than 100 radio shows and thirty performances of the play at Kamerni Theater 55, the group came out with their first album, Go u Gostima, in 2017.

The album’s 11 songs tell stories about growing up and life in Sarajevo and Edo Maajka, Kandžija, Vanja Mišić, Shtela... are among the 20 artists who participated in the project.

The album is available on Deezer, Spotify, iTunes, Klicktrack, Google Play, Tidal and Youtube.

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