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Kao nekad pred Božić


11 Dec / 20:00
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Traditional festival of Christmas songs, folk dances and customs Kao nekad pred Božić 2019 is dedicated to the Catholic feast of Christmas. Visitors can enjoy in traditional and other Christmas songs.

A goal of this project is to create holiday atmosphere and to contribute to cultural life of the city, with Christmas messages of peace, joy and tolerance through the music.

Many artists will contribute to this atmosphere, and among them are: Željko Bebek, Krunoslav Kićo Slabinac, Ibrica Jusić, Vlado Kalember, Neno Belan, Dražan Žerić Žera, Minja Subota, Primošten Orchestra, ansamble "Linđo" Dubrovnik, klapa "Divna" Trpanj, ballet group "Bellarte" Sarajevo, Tamburitza orchestra Franciscan teology from Sarajevo...