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Lana Kostić

Baščaršija Nights | Concert

07 Jul / 19:00
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Violoncello player Lana Kostić was born in 1988 in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina). She is the recipient of many awards at international competitions, eg. special awards at the "Rudolf Matz" competition.

 She has performed as a soloist, with orchestras and various chamber music ensembles. In contemporary music she played with the ensembles of Vertigo and Kloppstock and performed the works of Rosalbe Quindici and Ole Hübner.

She is interested in interdisciplinary art and is involved in various projects, such as: film, theater, conceptual improvisation with dancers, and electronic music. In collaboration with Neurology, Biel performed the performance of "Muzicki EEG" in 2016 and 2017, where he developed techniques for cello and voice and connected to an EEG device displaying his brain waves.

This project resulted in her solo project "Lakiko", an attempt to "unite" the mystics of medieval Bogumil, the Sevdalin melancholy, the clear structure of classical music and the elements of experimental music.

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