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Letu Štuke

Sensation Bridge | Concert

20 Aug / 21:00
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The story of Letu Štuke would have started out twenty years ago had the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina not interfered with Dino Šaran's plans for a music career.

Šaran survived the 1990s by playing in cafes and honing his song-writing skills, writing songs for other pop singers in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.

An old friend Đani Pervan, a fellow Sarajevan and drummer in Croatian musician Darko Rundek's world-renowned Cargo orchestra, showed up at Šaran's door one day a couple of years ago with an offer to work together. Thus, Šaran decided to revisit his boyhood dream of having his own band.

The band's first release "Letu Štuke" in 2005 attracted a lot of attention in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia with its blend of melancholy love songs and fast new wave songs, mixed with ethno sounds and lyrics on problems experienced in the countries of the region - crime, corruption and intolerance.