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Massimo Savić


12.04.19 / 20:00
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One of the most interesting voices from the '80s in ex-Yugoslavia was, no doubt, Massimo Savić, who started with his Croatian band called Dorian Gray.

Massimo Savić started his career in 1983, and today ranges from pop to jazz. One of his LPs is called Elements and its sung entirely on English, but usually he sings in Croatian.

Massimo is brilliant with cover songs; his voice is so powerful that you forget he is singing someone else's songs. 

For his Sarajevo audience, Massimo prepared a great repertoire of hits from all his music epochs, from the stage of Dorian Gray and cult songs like: "Sjaj u tami" i "Stranac u noći", "Suze nam stale na put", "Iz jednog pogleda“, "Zar više nema nas", "Ispod nekog drugog neba", "Kladim se na nas" , "1 dan ljubavi" and "Nisam spreman".

Tickets are for sale at prices ranging from 15 to 50 KM (VIP cost) in the system, Skenderija plateau and BKC.

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