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Mirna Bosna

Theater Play

24 Feb / 20:00
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The play "Mirna Bosna" shows the demise of two small Bosnian-Herzegovinian families in the direction of a criminal organization.

Outraged by poverty and enchanted by the conviction that no one from  aside will help them, they decide to use their social invisibility to deal with the lucrative business of drug trafficking. With still not completely ruined Riza as the leader, pensioners Šapka and Aleksandra as workers, and rogue Boki as a cover for their small business, four of them are ready to do everything they need to get away forever from the misery.

Director: Saša Peševski

Cast: Feđa Štukan, Gordana Boban, Vanesa Glođo, Davor Golubović

English subtitles.