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Photo Graz Selection, Exhibit


until 28.12.18 / 10:00
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Since the 1950s, Graz – Austria’s second-largest city by size and the capital of Styria – has been developing as a center for the production and presentation of progressive photography.

Back then, leading figures of the time contributed to photography’s development as an artistic form in Austria.

They also founded important institutions and influenced younger generations of photography students in Graz.

Since 2006, the biennale “Photo Graz Selection” has been dedicated to presenting and supporting photo communities in Graz and Styria.

The “Photo Graz Selection” exhibit shows a series of 22 groupings from the jubilee exhibit which document the incredible diversity of this photography scene, while also juxtaposing the various ways of working in relation to different age groups, reflecting pertinent topics and the artists’ personal inclinations.

The photos depict landscapes, nature and people, as well as traces of their own existences. They tell real stories, and speak about fictitious worlds, and also document society and the changes occurring within by casting a light on current events.

The photos explore the aspect of temporality, highlight opposites and deal with perceptions and the interpretation of space and time. Photographic experiments and techniques, Polaroid shots and the use of wet colloids, which are hardly used anymore, all bear witness to the rich spectrum of photographic techniques.

The exhibit has been organized by the Austrian Cultural Forum.

Exhibit opening is scheduled for December 3rd at 5pm.




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