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Pochko & New Primitives Songs

Coca-Cola Sarajevo Holiday Market | Live Music

26 Dec / 21:00 (See full schedule)
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The group, Pochko & New Primitives Songs, was founded by Nedžad Podžië-Poćko, a former member of the bands, Zabranjeno Pušenje and Skroz, as well as supporting bands for Dino Merlin and Mladen Vojičić Tifa.

The group’s repertoire includes songs by bands that were active as part of the Novi Primitivizam Movement.

This movement first started in Sarajevo during the 1980s and its main feature was the telling of stories that were inspired by actual events taking place at that time, but they were told in a colorful way, using typical Sarajevo humor.

The musical arm of the movement was represented by the bands, Elvis J. Kurtović i Meteori, Crvena Jabuka and Bombaj Štampa.

The famous Top Lista Nadrealista also came about as aresult of the Novi Primitivizam Movement, first as a radio program and later as a hit TV show.


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