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Professors and Students - Our Artists

22.11.18 / 14:00
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The organizers of the exhibition are the Sarajevo Museum and the Secondary School of Arts in Sarajevo. The authors of the exhibition are Indira Kučuk-Sorguč and Moamer Šehović.

In the gallery space of Brusa Bezistan will be exposed the works of top bh. artists, professors and students of the Secondary School of Arts, among which are the works by Vojo Dimitrijević, Ismet Mujezinović, Roman Petrović, Petar Šain, Safet Zec, Ibrahim Ljubović, Mica Todorović, Ljubo Lah, Marija Mikulić, Seid Hasanefendić and other prominent artists of all generations since the founding of the School of Arts in 1945.

The exhibition will remain open until 10.12.2018. in Brusa Bezistan, and visitors can view it every day from 10.00 to 18.00 h.

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