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Retrospective - Memory of Mica Todorović


Oct 10 - Oct 20 / 08:00
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Enjoy in Mica Todorović's sense of color, sensibility for a refined experience of nature and things around her, a refined taste to reject everything superfluous, unnecessary and to present a pure artistic experience.

Mica Todorović’s drawings (1929-1933) represent an isolated example within an entire artistic opus both in thematic and expressive terms, but at the same time they occupy an important place in the segment of Bosnian-Herzegovinian social art.

Looking at her entire opus, these works can be considered a stage of artistic maturation and growing up. They bear a strong criticism in themselves, but it is not directly addressed to any particular time or to any particular ideology. By confronting biblical motifs with the contemporary world, the artist emphasizes the universality of human mistakes. These drawings refine simultaneously both the reflections of collective consciousness and the responsibility and individuality of her personal attitude.

Mica graduated in 1926 from the High School for Arts and Crafts in Zagreb. She was one of the ten 10 founders of the Association of Fine Arts of BiH (ULUBiH) and one of the first professors of the School for Applied Arts. She was a full member of Academy of Arts and Science of BiH and a corresponding member of the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences. She exhibited at numerous solo and group exhibitions both in the country and abroad. She received the highest national recognition and awards for her artistic opus.