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Sales Conference "The Evolution Of Sales, Sell Today and Advise Tomorrow" with Dragan Vojvodić Sandler


08 Dec / 10:00 (See full schedule)
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The company Business Concierge Center Sarajevo proudly announces the first Sales Conference in Sarajevo under the name "Evolution Of Sales, Sell Today and Advise Tomorrow".

At the conference, you will finally get the answers you have been looking for for a long time:
How to avoid sending offers that end up on the table with the competition?
How can you not be blackmailed to lower the price?
How do you qualify a meeting?
How do you first close the sale and only then do the presentation?
How to prevent inconvenience when they avoid your calls?
How to be the most expensive and still close the business?
How to recognize and eliminate the billing problem?
How to build strong self-esteem and feel dignified?
How to relieve customer pressure?
How to shorten the sales cycle?

Owners/Directors will understand the causes:
Why can't the sales team see what you see?
Why do they save employees and feel like a victim?
Why are sales plans a frustration when they should be a motivation?
How to reduce business risk because 20% of clients bring 80% of income?
Why are sellers weak in opening new customers?
Why should the sales director deal with people development and not sales?
Why don't you have superior sales and price difference, but you have a superior product?

Be part of a unique premium sales experience that is happening for the first time in Sarajevo!
All information regarding registration fees and the conference program can be found at the link: or through the website and email:


Weekday Date Time
Friday 08 Dec 2023 10:00