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Sevdalinka Songs Night Dedicated to Safet Isović


16 Mar / 20:00
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Sevdalinka is a traditional genre of folk music from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sevdalinka is an integral part of the Bosnian culture, but is also spread across the ex-Yugoslavia region, including Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.

In a musical sense, Sevdalinka is characterized by a slow or moderate tempo and intense, emotional melodies. Sevdalinka songs are very elaborate, emotionally charged and are traditionally sung with passion and fervor. 

Safet Isović (6 January 1936 – 2 September 2007) was a Bosnian singer, one of the most prominent and popular performers of the Bosnian traditional music. 

While studying in Sarajevo, he was persuaded by college friends to audition for the student ensemble “Slobodan Princip Seljo,” where he impressed the panel. Shortly after joining the group, friends persuaded him to audition for Radio Sarajevo. He failed his first audition but passed the second and spent the following year with music teachers, singing and learning to play the piano. After a year of study, he was invited to record two songs, which were released on 6 April 1957.

Isović held his first solo concert on 19 March 1963 in Belgrade and was the only singer from the former Yugoslavia ever to perform at the Sydney Opera House in Australia.

During his 50+ year-long career, he covered many sevdalinka and Bosnian folk songs.

Isović won many awards and performed at some of the largest festivals throughout the former Yugoslavia. This contributed significantly to the rebirth of the sevdalinka. He won the Golden Microphone award in Yugoslavia and 35 regional silver and gold record awards.