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Skakavac Trail 2019

Sport Event

until 29.09.19 / 07:00
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“Skakavac” Climbing Association will be organizing Skakavac Trail 2019 (September 28), an international race held at Skakavac Nature Park.

The event comprises three mountain bike races that follow routes around Mt. Ozren and finish at the Red Cross mountain cabin at Jošanički Potok in Vogošća.

The longest course starts at 09:00 AM from Franjevačka street, other 35 km long race starts at 10:00 AM from Čavljak and the shortest one at 11:00 from Uževica.

Course 47 km: 10 hours (time limit: 20th kilometer, Bukovik: 5 hours)

Course 35 km: 8 hours (time limit: 16. kilometer, Uževica: 4 hours)

Course 20 km: 5 hours (time limit: 13. kilometer, Motka: 3 hours)

Race finish: All courses will end at Gornja Jošanica, Vogošća.

Visit for more information on the race, registration and rules or call 061 975 036.

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