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Skakavac Trail 2020

Sport Event

Sep 03 - Sep 06 / 11:30
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“Skakavac” Climbing Association will be organizing Skakavac Trail 2020, an international race over Sarajevski Ozren and Trebević, and trough protected areas of Skakavac, Bentbaša andTrebević, cities of Sarajevo and Istoč

They are bringing five incredible breathtaking courses:

Red Race – approx. 117 km/5288 m climb-5 ITRA points;

Blue Race – approx. 77 km/3355 m climb-3 ITRA points;

Green Race– approx. 42 km/1571 m climb-2 ITRA points;

Yellow Race – approx. 21 km/808 m climb-1 ITRA points;

White Race (Canicross) – approx. 7.5 km/350 m climb

All information about the courses, prices and registration deadline can be found at:

To register for Skakavac Trail 2020 follow this link:

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