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21 Feb / 22:00
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Band, Skroz is one of the most popular rock bands on the local and regional pop-rock scene.

The band was formed in 1996 by Adnan Šaran, Nedžad Mulaomerović, Mirza Suljagić and Sloven Anzulović and in 1998 they have their first performance in Slovenia during the rock festival and in 2000 they’ve released their first album ‘Skroz’ with the song ‘Sve sam jači’ which became very popular in BiH.

After their first album, new albums and new hits were released and the band currently consists of Adnan Šaran, Dejan Ostojić, Esad Bratović, Nedžad Mulaomerović, Elvir Salčinović and Dino Škiljić.