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Terra Magica


04.07.19 / 20:00
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One region divided into two countries sets the stage for a story about incredible people and their love for the sun and the earth which produces wine.

Documentary Terra Magica again in Sarajevo! »Terra Magica« is a film of exciting voyage through the vineyards of the Goriška Brda, which in recent years has been an absolute oenological phenomenon. Until now, the film has delighted audiences and critics, giving a unique and intimate look at the process of creating wine as a kind of art. Awaits for you:
 Welcome drink which you can taste during the film - sparkling wine Giocato Jongleur Brut - Bosa Rosa / Edi Simčič;
 Projection of the movie Terra Magica;
 tasting of top wines from wineries which are the main actors of the film: Edi Simčič, Ščurek, Marjan Simčič & Movia;
 Superior Catering Coloseum Club;
 DJ and pleasant chatting with winemakers.

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