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The Frajle

Baščaršija Nights | Concert

14.07.19 / 20:00
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Four ladies... Marija Mirković, Nataša Mihajlović, Jelena and Nevena Buča, are members of The Frajle. The written phrase "Four Vocals and Two Acoustic Guitars" can hardly point out what The Frajle actually are.

The performances with which they have won the audience since 2009 are their specialty that distinguishes them from other performers on the music scene and attracted the audience of different musical orientations.

The Frajle succeeded in what many did not do by hand - they kept the audience alike at the concerts while performing the numbers that include stylishly, as well as a chorus, a pop, and a chanting melody. Sometimes they make themselves a cabaret company, and all this is contributed by their impressive costume design, which makes them very distinct from the rest.

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