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Vlatko Stefanovski & Miroslav Tadić


01 Apr / 20:00
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One of the region's best guitar players Vlatko Stefanovski and Miroslav Tadić perform Macedonian folk tunes.

In mid-seventies, Vlatko Stefanovski founded the Macedonian art-rock group Leb i sol (Bread and salt, the traditional Slavic welcome), which gained international fame and recorded in total 13 albums before the group was dismissed in the early nineties.

In his subsequent solo career, Stefanovski turned more towards etno and jazz, recorded more albums, and wrote music theatrical performances and motion pictures.

Miroslav Tadić, a former Yugoslavia native, left his home country during study, which led him to Italy and finally USA. Since 1985, he has been teaching at the Californian Institute of Arts in Los Angeles. In their January 1997 issue, the editors of Guitar player magazine voted Miroslav Tadić one of the world's 30 most radical and individual guitarists.

In summer of 1997, Stefanovski and Tadić met for a recording session in Makedonium, in the small town Krushevo in the central Macedonia, and they have started cooperation.