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Summer in the Park Hastahana | Concert

16 Aug / 23:00
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Hercegovinian band Zoster was formed in autumn 2000 on the initiative of Mario Knezović and Dražan Planinić.

A year later, drummer Goran Rebac and singer Marijana Pejić joined the band so four of them make the backbone of the band. ‘Zmajevi’, ‘Flomasteri’ are just a few names that band had changed during their first performances.

The present name of the band came up after Mario recovered from herpes zoster that he was diagnosed by a great fan of the band, a certain doctor Miško. Herpes zoster is a virus living in a human body and in the case of low immune system it results in a skin rash spreading gradually, whereas, Zoster came up as a result of a low immune system of the society and as a need to act and say something about it. 

Zoster believes that reggae is the appropriate music for this turbulent area in which just a little dosage of aggressiveness is too much even when it comes to music. Thus, band wants to convey the message of tolerance, peace, progress and affirmation and also a bit of education here and there. 

When the singer left the band Mario became the lead singer.