Sarajevo galleries

An important center for arts and culture in Southeastern Europe

Sarajevo enjoys the reputation of being one of the most significant centers for arts and culture in Southeastern Europe.


Renowned local artists, as well as those who are well known on regional and international art scenes, have regular exhibitions in Sarajevo's galleries.

The most important of these is the National Gallery of BiH, which houses a collection of more than 6,000 valuable works of art. During the past 55 years of its existence, it has hosted over 1,000 exhibitions.

One city gallery, Collegium Artisticum, holds more than 20 different exhibitions every year, as well as many promotions, presentations and cultural events.

Another important Sarajevo gallery is Gallery 11/07/95, which has a permanent exhibit that tells the story of the tragedy in Srebrenica, when 8,372 people were killed during the genocide.