Second Vučko Gastro Pub opens in Sarajevo

Having been in business for a few years, this pub is now considered a top spot by those who love having fine beer and culinary specialties in the center of Sarajevo, and as of today, this pub can be found at yet another location here in town.


Vučko Gastro Pub is known to Sarajevans, as well as to tons of tourists, for having the widest selection of beers, and now you can visit this establishment’s new location on Kolodvorska (opposite the Urgent Care building).

With more than 100 kinds of beer (both on tap and bottled) – domestic and foreign, craft and lager – as well as other alcoholic and refreshing beverages, Vučko is sure to satisfy the tastes of all its guests.

The excellent culinary offering is complemented by a wide assortment of drinks, so you will find that the Vučko menu has items for a breakfast with colleagues and sandwiches, as well as à la carte specialties and appetizers that are perfect for socializing and having a nice time out.

By following innovative trends in how to serve food and drinks, Vučko Gastro Pub has lined up plenty of surprises for its guests, like the house specialty called “Vučko is Heaven,” so we recommend that you visit this pub and see what it’s all about. If you take a look at our photo gallery, you’ll see why it’s a must-visit.

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