Sport Events in Sarajevo

There are many sport events in Sarajevo of interest to visitors who enjoy a good game.


Author: Sarajevo Navigator

The biggest sport event in Sarajevo is a football match between Sarajevo's two most successful football clubs – the multiple country champions FC Željezničar and FC Sarajevo.

The entire city is split in two during the famed Sarajevo derby – the blue side and the maroon side – and everything in between is football shaped.

Apart from these two sport icons, the other two Sarajevo football clubs, both members of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Premier League, albeit not as successful as the two mentioned above are FC Olimpic and FC Slavia from East Sarajevo.

The most important Sarajevo basketball club is BC Bosna, one-time European champion, now a part of the basketball league of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Popular is handball team Bosna, a regular participant of European prestigious team handball competitions.

There are plenty of other clubs and team sports as well as an array of bicycle races, athletic competitions, martial arts meets, tennis, golf, billiard competitions…

There are many sporting events in the city and some of them are definitely worth a visit.