A Wealth of Music Happenings

Visitors can enjoy many music events during their stay in Sarajevo.

Sarajevo Philharmonic holds fantastic performances on a regular basis that are frequently enriched by excellent visiting musicians. Common are performances of quality chamber orchestras as well, so connoisseurs of classical music can almost always find something to their liking.


Sarajevo was one of the chief pop and rock music centers in former Yugoslavia. Sarajevo pop-rock scene was known far and wide. One of its main representatives – the bands such as Indexi, Bjelo dugme, Plavi orkestar, Zabranjeno pušenje – as well as performers such as Zdravko Čolić and Dino Merlin have reached a status of regional and international stars.

If we are to add to the best domestic music created during the '70s, '80s, and '90s, the rhythms of the country's currently best-known band Dubioza kolektiv, as well as the newcomers to Sarajevo's pop-rock school – the bands such as Letu štuke and Skroz – you will get the repertoire of most of Sarajevo's rock clubs.

The electronic music scene is alive in Sarajevo as well. World famous DJs are Sarajevo's frequent guests and excellent local DJs who have honed their craft in Sarajevo clubs are featured as a support.

Sarajevo has several high quality jazz clubs, and performances of Sarajevo's best club jazz band – Sarajevo Jazz Guerilla – are almost always full to the last seat.

A big interest is always stirred by concerts of sevdah, Bosnia and Herzegovina's authentic and traditional music genre. The so-called «Bosnian blues», whose most excellent interpreters such as Amira Medunjanin, Damir Imamovic or Divanhana are wowing critics across the globe.

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