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  • GuitarUnited - Guitar Fest Sarajevo East was founded with an aim of promotion and growth of the art of the guitar and music in general, through gathering and interplay of the performers, teachers, students and audiences. Festival will be held from October 31 until November 3, 2019.

    The program guideline of the festival, with classical guitar in the center of attention, includes most diverse musical genres, soloists and ensembles, and anything that is connected to the guitar as an instrument, with one criterion only - high artistic value.

    In the spirit of its slogan, GuitarUnited Fest wants to unite diverse musical worlds, nations, cultures and languages, youth and adult, through friendship, education and joy of music making.

    First edition of the festival, held from 28-30th October 2016, scored great success both locally and internationally, hosted more than 80 participants and competitors, concerts of renowned guitarists and huge number of audience.