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77 Million Paintings by Brian Eno


until 29.08.18 / 10:00
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At June 13, the Historical Museum of BiH, the British Council and the Sarajevo agency, Gramofon, opened the audio-visual installation, "77 Million Paintings", by British artist and music producer Brian Eno.

A pioneer of electronic and ambient music, and co-founder of the band, Roxy Music, he also worked with David Bowie, Talking Heads, U2…. This is Brian’s first time presenting his “visual music” to the region.

The installation was promoted in Tokyo 12 years ago and it’s specially conceptualized for every space it is exhibited in, and the same goes for the Historical Museum.

The exhibit is based on research Brian has done on light as an artistic medium and the esthetic possibilities of new technologies. Accompanied by ambient music, the visual element of the installation shows hand-painted glass sheets.

A computer program provides a blend of audio and video elements by generating 77 million possible combinations, with no repetition, so every visitor has a unique viewing experience.

The exhibit runs until August 29.

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