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Dissonance by Marko Kusmuk


Oct 07 - Oct 30 / 10:00
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Internationally renowned artist Marko Kusmuk is exhibiting again in his hometown, after 11 years.

"The term 'dissonance' is primarily related to the theory of music and denotes the sound discrepancy which tends towards resolution, ie. calming, while it causes the impression of discomfort and restlessness for the listener. ...  In 'Dissonance', Kusmuk starts from an experiment, a peculiar game with a painting canvas on which, with various artistic techniques and non-artistic means, he questions the possibilities and limitations of the medium itself. It is a process of searching for coincidences that are not accidental, that is, for imperfections that are artistically convincing enough to become a pure artistic nerve, one’s own signature" said Anja Bogojević, art historian, about the exhibition.

Marko Kusmuk was born in Sarajevo, where he completed his basic academic studies, and was educated in Rome and Belgrade. He is the winner of many international awards, the most important of which is the First Prize (Golden Lion) in Venice for drawing Surditas. You will be able to see the exhibit until October 30.