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Solomun IIII Klabika [Sarajevo Quaternate]


23 Aug / 23:30
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Playing more than 160 gigs in the course of one year is what makes him a global and world known musician. He plays in front of thousands of people, and his long-lasting sets continue to after-parties later on.

He won many awards, he expanded the label business and influenced music industry. On the other hand, he made his debut in gaming world with his live set in GTA5 and in addition his track “Customer Is King” was part of Diynamic’s 100th released themed gaming visual with his 3D figure. 4 years ago he decided to make a stop in his home country’s capital city of Sarajevo and since then his love and relationship with his people is growing. 

You could listen to him on the festivals, yachts, clubs and after-parties, but to listen to him at home is a unique experience. After 3 visits and last year’s break, this summer during his hottest month of touring, he is coming back home, and he is playing once more.

He is Mladen Solomun, and Sarajevo is once again overwhelmed to host our loving friend and set the course for the future.

About his style, where vigour, deepness and emotion go hand in hand in a very musical way, Solomun once said: “People have emotions. So why not on a dancefloor?”. We invite you to share your emotions and dance the night away with DJ Solomun and his free DJ set performance on the 23rd of August at the location of Eternal Flame (Vječna Vatra).  

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