Two spectacular shows by DJ Solomun in Sarajevo

Tens of thousands of electronic music lovers will have an opportunity to attend a free performance in the heart of Sarajevo by one of today’s most popular DJs, and then the fun will move over to Dom Mladih, where DJ Solomun will be performing for a second time.


The big party marking the end of this year’s Sarajevo Film Festival will be held on August 23, in front of the monument Vječna Vatra on Maršala Tita Street. The event is set to get underway at 11:30 p.m., after the showing of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood at the nearby SFF Open Air Cinema.

Born in Travnik, every performance Solomun does in Bosnia and Herzegovina is special to him, and this time, besides the free show in front of Vječna Vatra (Eternal Flame), he will be gracing another venue with his presence, and those who are lucky enough to purchase tickets for the Solomun IIII Klabika [Sarajevo Quaternate] – Afterparty are in for a real treat. This event will start at 1:00 a.m. at Dom Mladih, and plenty of DJs will be warming up the atmosphere at the party until 3:30 a.m., when the star of the night – DJ Solomun – takes center stage.


  1. 23 Aug
    Solomun IIII Klabika [Sarajevo Quaternate]

    Solomun IIII Klabika [Sarajevo Quaternate]

    23:30 / Vječna Vatra (Eternal Flame), Sarajevo / Party

    Playing more than 160 gigs in the course of one year is what makes him a global and world known musician. He plays in front of thousands of people, and his long-lasting sets continue to after-parties later on. More

  2. 24 Aug
    Solomun IIII Klabika [Sarajevo Quaternate] – Afterparty

    Solomun IIII Klabika [Sarajevo Quaternate] – Afterparty

    01:00 / Dom mladih Skenderija, Sarajevo / Party

    Considering that the Solomun IIII Klabika [Sarajevo Quaternate] event scale has outgrown local proportions with a large number of regional and international inquiries, klabika wants to welcome guests the way they deserve it. More