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Lord Bishops Rock and Roll Freedom Fest

Live Music

22 Feb / 21:00
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All fans of punk, rock, blues and similar genres will be pleased to hear that the "Lord Bishop's Rock 'n' Roll Freedom Festival" will take place in Sarajevo on February 22, featuring both local and foreign bands.

The festival was named after the guest band Lord Bishop Rocks, and besides them comes the band the Bluzer from the Bronx. Audiences will have the opportunity to enjoy several local bands, such as Foxy Head, S.P.U.K., Radar Control and the Individual.

Lord Bishop Rocks is exciting and musically gifted Rock trio. They are mixing their brand of 70s influenced Hardrock, Funk, Blues, Jazz, Reggae and Punk – meshing it into a sound they call Hendrixian Motör Funk.

Entrance: 7 KM