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The Days of Canton Sarajevo Program: "Sarajevo in BiH Documentary Films"

Days of Sarajevo Canton | Movie

until 09.05.19 / 19:00
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From May 2 until May 9 movies will be shown every day at 7 p.m. On the May 2 three movies whose director is Sejfudin Tanović will be shown, and they are: "Po mjeri čovjeka", "Sarajevo tragom neimara" and "Sarajevo, grad obnove".

On the May 3 two movies directed by Vlatko Filipović will be shown: "Fires of Sarajevo" and "Križni put u Sarajevu".

On the May 4 six movies directed by Zlatko Lavanić will be shown: "Bums and Dogs", "Amela's School Holidays", "Prometheus", "To My Friends", "NATO" and " The Market Place".

On the May 5 movies from director Antonije Žalica will be shown. There will be five of them and names are: "Travelling Children", "Angels in Sarajevo", "Front Line Hotel", "Boxer" and "Eight Years After".

On the May 6 two movies will be shown, and they are directed by Patrice Barrat, Corinne Godeau, Ademir Kenović, Guillame Martin,John Bertucci, Jean-Pierre Mabille, Lejla Gotovuša and Mensud Arslanović. Movies are "Sarajevo: A Street Under Siege 1 and 2.".

On the May 7 movie with the same name but numbers 3 and 4 will be shown.

On the May 8 three movies will be shown. First is "Director's Diary" directed by Mirza Idrizović, second is "Mona Lisa From Sarajevo" directed by Bahrudin Čengić and the third is "Sarajevo's Dog" directed by Haris Prolić.

On the last day, May 9, two movies will be shown. First one is "Stadt nach dem Krieg. Sarajevo" directed by Mario Jandroković, Hermann Peseckas i Tommy Schneider and the second one is "Srebrenica's Cenotaph" directed by Haris Prolić.

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