5 reasons to visit Sarajevo this winter

If you are wondering whether you should visit Sarajevo this winter, the answer would be - definitely!

Updated: 2023/12/21

Sarajevo is certainly one of the regional destinations where you will get the most value for your money - it is more affordable than, for example, Belgrade or Zagreb, and offers plenty of quality content for visitors of all generations.

Whether you want to find great entertainment, do some shopping, enjoy the offer of top quality food and drinks for "little money", relax with some wellness treatment... Sarajevo is the perfect place for you this winter.

In cooperation with the Tourist Board of Sarajevo Canton - Visit Sarajevo, we present you the 5 most important reasons why you should definitely visit Sarajevo this winter.

1. Sarajevo has a soul

Although in Sarajevo the story of the "Sarajevo spirit" is considered somewhat mythical, the special spirit of Sarajevo definitely exists!

It can best be felt in Baščaršija, which is the "heart and soul" of Sarajevo.

That's why we invite you to come to Sarajevo as soon as possible and walk along the streets of Titova, Ferhadija and Sarači, all the way to Baščaršija Square.

In just a hundred meters you will see the places of worship of the four most important monotheistic religions, which is why Sarajevo is called the European Jerusalem.

Along the way, you will come across the sign "Sarajevo - the meeting of cultures", the point where East and West meet.

If you continue for about a hundred meters from Baščaršija Square, you will reach the famous Sarajevo City Hall, built in the pseudo-Moorish style, which is a "symbol of the meeting of world civilizations".

Baščaršija is also a true paradise for gourmets, because this is where Sarajevo's most famous ćevabdžinicas, asčinicas, buregdžinicas... are located, which offer widely known specialties of local cuisine.

However, Sarajevo's biggest attraction is its people!

And the people of Sarajevo, although they endured 44 months of brutal siege - the longest in modern history, are people who welcome visitors from all over the world with open hearts, with a welcoming smile and with their specific, widely known humor.

2. Sarajevo is a place for top entertainment

Sarajevo enters the New Year with a big concert in the city center, in front of the Eternal Fire monument.

The entry into 2024 is celebrated, but also 40 years since the beginning of the broadcast of the unforgettable TV show "Top Lista Nadrealista".

At the concert, the groups that made up the "New Primitives" movement from which the "Nadrealisti" originated - "Crvena Jabuka", "Zabranjeno Pušenje" and "Bombaj Štampa", reinforced by excellent "young forces" - Laka and Lela, perform.

The legendary Zenit - Zena Đozić, a member of the original "Nadrealisti" line-up, also participates in the program, so it is certain that the famous Sarajevo humor will not be missing either.

The hotel facilities for the days around the New Year are already mostly booked, but you can certainly find a few free places.

During the rest of the winter, various events for all generations are organized in the city.

Whether you are a fan of folk, rock & roll, hip-hop, electronic music... every night in Sarajevo, you will find a concert or gig in halls, clubs, bars...

Until the end of January, "Zima na Vilsu" takes place on Sarajevo's most famous promenade - Wilson's Promenade, and from December 23 until January 1 "Winter Fest Sarajevo" is held on the plateau across from the Sarajevo City Hall.

Be sure to explore Sarajevo's museums and galleries, or find something to your taste in the repertoire of one of Sarajevo's theaters or cinemas.

There is also plenty of entertainment for the youngest; from numerous game rooms, escape rooms, themed parties...

We would also like to point out that a fantastic offer of entertainment awaits you in the mountains around Sarajevo throughout the winter season.

3. Sarajevo is a top ski center

The fact is that the Olympic mountains, which are located about half an hour's drive from the center of Sarajevo - Bjelašnica, Igman and Jahorina, provide a never-better atmosphere for fans of skiing and other winter sports.

Dozens of kilometers of ski trails with artificial snow systems, modernized vertical transport, a variety of accommodation and gastronomy, fantastic fun after skiing, snowboarding or sledding.

Furthermore, Sarajevo's ski centers offer a comparable level of quality to that of Europe's top ski destinations, all while maintaining significantly lower prices.

If accommodation in the mountains is expensive for you, don't forget that in the city itself you can find accommodation for everyone's budget, and then it's quite easy to organize transport to one of the Olympic mountains around Sarajevo.

If you are not the "sporty type", but still want to enjoy the healing mountain air, then know that you can take the Sarajevo cable car to Mount Trebević above the city itself in just 8 minutes.

There you can enjoy a spectacular view of Sarajevo, walk through the deep forest and breathe the mountain air, but also warm up and spend part of the day in one of the restaurants.

You can find more about the ski trails and prices of ski passes on the websites: www.oc-jahorina.com and www.ocbjelasnica.com, while information about the Sarajevo cable car can be found at: www.zicara.ba.

4. Sarajevo celebrates 40 years since the Olympic Games

In February 2024, Sarajevo will celebrate 40 years since it hosted the Winter Olympic Games in 1984, which represents one of the most important chapters in the rich history of the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It will be an opportunity for the people of Sarajevo and guests to remember the time when "Jurek was loved more than burek" and an occasion to revive the "Olympic flame" in Sarajevo.

As part of the Sarajevo Olympic Week (SOW), which lasts from February 9 to February 13, a number of excellent and diverse sports, as well as cultural and entertainment events will be held.

In cooperation with the "Garden of Dreams" franchise, a big concert will be held in the Dom mladih on February 9, with the participation of well-known international stars of electronic music.

The detailed program is still being developed, and you will be able to find it soon at www.sow.ba.

The International Art Festival "Sarajevo - Sarajevo Winter" is traditionally held in February, which offers various cultural events every year.

From February 8 to 18, the Winter Sarajevo Street Food Market will be held with a top-quality offer of food and drinks, a series of concerts, shows for children, exhibitions, an ice rink, an amusement park...

Therefore, there is no doubt that during February, Sarajevo will be a place of fantastic entertainment for all generations.

5. Sarajevo shines with a special light this winter

Streets, squares and important buildings of Sarajevo decorated with festive decorations make Sarajevo never looked more festive, nor was it more beautiful.

A special charm this winter is brought by the Sarajevo Light Festival, a completely new winter attraction, located in the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The festival was opened for the Statehood Day of Bosnia and Herzegovina - on November 25, 2023 and lasts until the Independence Day of Bosnia and Herzegovina, i.e. until March 1, 2024.

In cooperation with MK Illumination, the largest company in the field of temporary decorative lighting in the world, the imposing facade of the Museum was illuminated, and the Botanical Garden of the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina was transformed into a "magical garden of light".

At the Sarajevo Light Festival, some top international artists are also exhibiting, such as the famous French art group Tilt, and the excellent Romanian artist Ignat Radu.

Every Thursday, the action "I go out to the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina on Thursdays" is held, when with a ticket to the Sarajevo Light Festival you can see the rich exhibits of the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the most important cultural and scientific institution in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and when special cultural and entertainment programs are held.

We recommend that you visit the Sarajevo Light Festival during your visit to Sarajevo and immerse yourself in the magical world of lights, colors and beautiful sounds.

You can find more information about the Festival at www.festivalsvjetlasarajevo.ba.

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