Sarajevo in August 2019 – Through the lenses of Instagram photographers

A wonderful month, which was full of sunny days, plenty of events and fantastic parties, is behind us. Once again, the glamour of the red carpet, famous celebrities and a selection of outstanding films marked the Sarajevo Film Festival, and Sarajevans and the many guests in attendance really enjoyed themselves. 

Updated: 2019/09/04

Your photographs delighted us more and more with each passing day, and you can find many of them on our Instagram profile. While most events were organized in the center of town, going by the photographs, we can see that many of you chose quieter places, far from the crowds, to rest and have a daily coffee. The terrific night life during August served as an inspiration for many, and the photos taken during DJ Solomun’s performance in front of Vječna Vatra will be hard to forget. As always, it was quite a difficult task selecting nine of the most impressive photos, which will find their place on the back cover of our city guide.

As for the month of September, keep recording and sharing your precious moments spent in Sarajevo, because some excellent festivals, parties, live gigs and pleasant temperatures lie ahead, and don’t forget to add the hashtags #DestinationSarajevo and #FeelSarajevo to your photos, so that you can share them with a large number of our followers. Also, just to remind you that our “My Sarajevo” photo contest will be going on until September 9, giving you a chance to participate in the promotion of Sarajevo and to win some valuable prizes.

The best photographs will be put on display at Sarajevo's Hastahana Park starting September 14.

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