Sarajevo’s Loveliest Green Oases

Sarajevo is a city of greenery and parks and the green spaces right in the center of town provide many opportunities to enjoy nature, recreational activities and sports.


Dariva, Sarajevo’s oldest walking promenade, is located at the eastern entrance to the city and its “Ambassador’s Alley” is lined with more than 150 linden trees that have been planted by diplomats serving in BiH. If you decide to go all the way to the end of Dariva, you’ll find yourself at Kozija Ćuprija (Goat Bridge), the only surviving and fully intact bridge on the Miljacka River that dates from the Ottoman period.

The park, At Mejdan, is located in the old town on the left bank of the Miljacka, between the bridges, The Latin Bridge and Ćumurija. It is also home to the At Mejdan Archeological Park and the Music Pavilion, where you can catch your breath in a café and enjoy a bit of peace as you process all of the impressions you’ve collected during your tour of the city’s cultural and historical core.

The city center also has its share of green oases, such as Veliki Park across from BBI Center, which is surrounded by the streets, Titova, Koševo, Džidžikovac, Tina Ujevića and Trampina.

There are also a few smaller parks in the center, like the one at Trg Oslobođenja-Alija Izetbegović, the park in front of the BiH Presidency and the Mirza Delibašić and Davorin Popović Memorial Park, which has a monument in honor of these two legendary Sarajevans.

Betanija-Jezero Park sits nestled on the slopes beneath the city’s birthing center and is one of Sarajevo’s largest parks. Pionirska Dolina – the city zoo and a favorite destination for Sarajevo’s youngsters – is nearby. Pionirska Dolina not only has lots of greenery and many kinds of domestic and more exotic animals, but it also has many attractions for children.

Wilson's Promenade is lined on both sides with thick rows of linden trees and stretches for almost two kilometers along the right bank of the Miljacka River, from the Suada and Olga Bridge to the BiH Elektroprivreda building. Exercise equipment can be found at a few spots along the promenade and bicyclists enjoy this pedestrian zone after 5:00 p.m. every weekday, as well as on weekends and holidays, when traffic is forbidden.

Forest Park Hum in Novo Sarajevo is recognizable for its prominent TV tower and Forest Park Mojmilo (about a ten-minute walk from the neighborhood, Alipašino Polje), offers a terrific view of town, plus walking paths, an amphitheater and resting spots.

The Safet Zajko Complex, once a military barracks, is now home to the Center for Education, Sport and Recreation, which has activities for the whole family, as well as for sports and recreational enthusiasts. The Center has sports fields, children’s playgrounds, long walking paths….

With its gorgeous green oases and sources of medicinal and thermal waters, the settlement, Ilidža, has been a favorite excursion spot for Sarajevans and visitors for centuries.

Velika Aleja runs from Ilidža’s bath and hotel complex all the way to Vrelo Bosne. This lovely walking promenade is lined with about 3,000 100-year-old plane and wild chestnut trees and, should you decide to take a carriage ride along the Aleja, it will prove to be a memorable experience. You can also rent bikes at the entrance and make your way to Vrelo Bosne.

Vrelo Bosne is a natural monument that is located at the base of Mt. Igman, just 15 kilometers from the center of town. As the source of the Bosna River, it delights visitors with clear lakes that are teeming with fish. There are also swans gliding about and small islands that are bursting with vegetation, and you can try some fresh river trout at the local restaurant.

Nearby is the popular Stojčevac, where communist elite from former Yugoslavia, and especially President Tito, would gladly enjoy some rest and recreation.

If you’re on the lookout for a place that will take you out of the city and if you’d like to enjoy pristine nature, then please refer to our text, “Top Recommendations for Excursions around Sarajevo”, for more advice.

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