Places for children

Tons of summer and winter fun for youngsters

Summer and winter are great times for children in Sarajevo. An ideal place to have fun is Pioneer Valley, a mini zoo and amusement park, which is open all year and serves as a favorite weekend destination for Sarajevans of all ages.


There are also many playgrounds for children in different neighborhood parks, and in summer, kids can roller skate and ride bikes (which can be rented) along Wilson’s Promenade.

In winter the Olympic Mountains are an ideal place for children to enjoy winter sports, and in town, there is the skating rink in the Olympic complex, Zetra. At “Forest Park Mojmilo”, a sports and recreation center, children can go sledding and skiing and there is also a lane for snow tubing.

There are a few ethno villages around Sarajevo that offer a lot for children to do and for those who might be looking for something a bit more “active“ for their youngsters, we recommend a visit to some of the horse riding centers.

It's possible to organize children’s parties at Cinema City Multiplex and the Termal Rivijera in Ilidža and the Olympic Swimming Pool are also great places for kids.

Some restaurants in Sarajevo, such as Druga Kuća, have play rooms for children and there are also play areas at all the larger shopping centers: Sarajevo City Center, BBI Center, WISA, Interex, Importanne, Alta…

Kid’s Fest is the largest festival for children in Southeastern Europe and is held every year at the beginning of June. The festival program includes many different workshops, films and performances.