Top Recommendations for Autumn Excursions around Sarajevo

If you'd like to escape the urban milieu and relax in lovely and virtually untouched nature, we recommend that you pay a visit to some of the better-known excursion sites around Sarajevo. The hills around the city turn from green to the beautiful pastel colors of autumn, so don't forget to bring your cell phone or camera to capture the beautiful scenes of nature.

Updated: 2022/09/22

Only 12 kilometers north of Sarajevo is the spectacular 96-meter high Skakavac (Grasshopper) Waterfall, which can be reached by way of a two-hour walk from the suburban area of Nahorevo. Public transport is available and there are two restaurants which serve very good food and drinks. Should you decide to drive to the waterfall, then we recommend that you do so with a vehicle that is suitable for driving over hilling terrain.

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The popular picnic spot, Barice, where you can enjoy some walking and biking, is only about seven kilometers from the center of Sarajevo. From there, Čavljak is just another four kilometers away and you can find lodging in the mountain house by the same name. If you continue walking along the well-maintained and marked paths, you’ll come to the peaks of Sarajevo's Ozren – Crepoljsko and Bukovik.

Up on the mountain, Trebević, which has always been a favorite picnic spot for Sarajevans and nature lovers, we recommend a visit to the Brus Plateau, which is 1,129 meters above sea level and only a 15-minute drive from the center. Whether you’re into active holidays in nature or prefer to relax next to a crackling fireplace, everything here will provide you with an unforgettable experience.

The protected natural area, Bijambare, is located between the villages Nišići and Krivajevići (in the municipality of Ilijaš). It covers an area of nearly 500 hectares and takes in a true rarity of nature – the Bijambare Cave. The Etno Begovo Selo (Bey’s Ethno Village) is not far away and it’s here that you can enjoy some outstanding food surrounded by fascinating nature.

The village of Umoljani, on Mount Bjelašnica, is an excellent starting point for several of the best mountain routes, including those that lead to Lukomir and Rakitnica Canyon, as well as Studeni Potok, a spectacular winding stream whose cascades plunge into the Rakitnica River.

The village of Lukomir, known for the authentic way in which the residents live, as well as organic food and traditional architecture, is located 1,469 meters above sea level, making it the highest inhabited settlement in BiH.

On the mountains, Igman and Bjelašnica, which lie southwest of Sarajevo, you can ride bikes, go mountain climbing, go skiing during the winter…. On clear days, Igman offers a spectacular view, which may even take in Montenegro and the Adriatic Sea.

Should you decide on a visit to Mount Jahorina, the most popular mountain resort around Sarajevo, we suggest that you stop by Termag Hotel and the ethno restaurant, Koliba, both of which fit in perfectly with the mountainous terrain while also offering excellent services.

We also recommend a visit to the fascinating Orlovača Cave, not far from the town of Pale. Known for its rich assortment of stalactites and stalagmites, Mesolithic pottery and 16,000-year old remains of cave bears, the area around the cave itself is ideal for walking or picnics.