Top spots for adventurous Summer around Sarajevo

The nature in and around Sarajevo is gorgeous, and many of the attractive locations that are perfect for outdoor activities are a ten- to forty-minute ride from the center of town.


Whether you like walking up in the mountain air or you’d like to try your hand at extreme sports, you are sure to find the perfect way to spend some free time out in nature.

Taking a walk up to Čavljak and Skakavac Waterfall are the perfect outings for a quick escape from the city streets, and caving enthusiasts will enjoy the caves around Sarajevo, including the most popular ones: Bijambare, Orlovača Cave and Novakova Cave.

There are a few horse riding clubs on the slopes around town that offer riding classes and the pleasure of getting to know these noble animals.

Olympic Mountains

The Olympic Mountains around Sarajevo are connected to the city by roads, but, unfortunately, there are no transit lines running between the city and these destinations during the summer season, so we recommend taking a taxi, renting a vehicle or doing a tour with some of the specialized agencies.

During the summer, the mountains are ideal places for those who love walking, hiking, mountaineering and extreme sports, whether as amateurs or professionals, and they also offer quad riding, paragliding, zip lining, downhill biking….

The terrain around the city is perfect for mountain biking, as confirmed by National Geographic Traveler, which listed BiH and Sarajevo among the world’s ten best adventure destinations with fantastic mountain bike trails.

So far, around 200 kilometers of mountain bike trails have been marked on Bjelašnica, Igman, Treskavica, Trebević, Ravna Planina and Jahorina.

Here we offer our recommendations for the best spots to enjoy natural beauties around Sarajevo.

Mountains and Villages around Sarajevo:

  1. Bjelašnica


    Around Sarajevo

    Bjelašnica | Map

    Around Sarajevo The beauty of Mt. Bjelašnica, which is only 35 km from the center of Sarajevo, can be enjoyed throughout the year. More

  2. Trebević


    Around Sarajevo

    Trebević | Map

    Around Sarajevo It’s hard not to notice Trebević, with its distinctive peak towering over the south side of Sarajevo. More

  3. Igman


    Around Sarajevo

    Igman | Map

    Around Sarajevo The Mt. Igman plateau lies 24 km to the southwest of Sarajevo, and there are several settlements that lie at the base of the mountain – Ilidža, Hrasnica, Vojkovići, Hadžići.... More

  4. Jahorina


    Around Sarajevo

    Jahorina | Map

    Around Sarajevo The mountain, Jahorina, is 28 kilometers from the center of Sarajevo and Ogorjelica (1,916 m) is its highest peak. More

  5. Ski centar Ravna planina

    Ski centar Ravna planina

    Around Sarajevo

    Ravna Planina, Pale | Map

    Around Sarajevo Located in Gornje Pale, a village 20 km from the center of Sarajevo and 2 km from Pale, Ravna Planina Ski Centar is gaining in popularity. More

  6. Umoljani


    Around Sarajevo

    Bjelašnica | Map

    Around Sarajevo The village of Umoljani, on Mount Bjelašnica, is about an hour’s drive from Sarajevo. More

  7. Lukomir


    Around Sarajevo

    Bjelašnica | Map

    Around Sarajevo Lukomir – the last true Bosnian village – is about 50 kilometers from Sarajevo. The village is situated in an area of Bjelašnica Mountain, which forms one of the ridges of the fascinating Rakitnica River Canyon. More

  8. Studeni potok

    Studeni potok

    Around Sarajevo

    Bjelašnica | Map

    Around Sarajevo The valley of Studeni Potok (stream), is located near the village of Umoljani, on the southern side of Bjelašnica, about 50 kilometers from the center of Sarajevo. More