Benefits of becoming a partner

Benefits of becoming a partner

The Destination Sarajevo Partners Club offers many benefits, such as having the opportunity to interact with tourists, promote one's products and/or services, as well as being able to cooperate with other partners.

A clear and attractive description of one’s offer is essential when trying to attract the right customers. Our team of authors will take into consideration the suggestions made by our partners when preparing a description of what they can offer those who visit Destination Sarajevo.

A team of professional photographers will make sure that our partners have quality photos that promote their offers. Partners will also have access to the photographs in order to use them for their own promotional activities.

Destination Sarajevo's internet media channels are currently available in the local language and English.

With just one click, visitors will be able to find all the information they need by contacting our partners via e-mail or exploring their websites or social networking profiles.

Partner profiles also include multimedia galleries, where partners can display up to 20 photographs.

In addition to photographic material, partners may also include promotional videos in their multimedia gallery.

By using Google Maps, we can offer our partners precise mapping on a detailed interactive map which is available to all internet users.

Through our partnership with, one of the world’s most popular websites for booking accommodation, those who visit our portal, and who are also interested in making reservations in a partner’s accommodation facilities, are just a click away from information on pricing and availability.

We can help visitors find our partners by providing information on proximity to the airport, major attractions and the nearest stops on public transportation lines, as well as estimated costs and distances involved when taking a taxi to a partner’s location.

One of the defining characteristics of “Destination Sarajevo” is that it offers excellent value for the money. Our portal provides a special section for each profile where partners may choose to provide either partial or complete price lists.

Comments left by TripAdvisor users serve as quite an important factor in helping other tourists decide whether they will visit a specific location or not. This integration allows comments made by visitors on partner sites to also appear on the official Destination Sarajevo portal.

This feature allows partners to announce information, in real time, about events, special offers and so forth, including an option that enables the last 10 comments added to social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter, to also appear on partner profiles.

Many tourists make use of mobile applications as a primary resource when exploring a destination, so the profiles included in our applications serve as a crucial means of communication with Sarajevo visitors. By utilizing the contact details, users are also able to view descriptions, photographs and other information about our partners.

The majority of smart phones and other mobile devices now provide satellite positioning services which enable tourists to know exactly where they are, based on their current location, as well as where partners and other points of interest are located and how they may best arrive at these locations.

Under certain conditions, our partners will be able to use visual identity elements for “Destination Sarajevo”, such as logos, slogans, and the like, in order to create their own promotional materials.

Partners can publish a web banner or a link on their websites, whereby users will be encouraged to further explore Destination Sarajevo. Partners will also be connected to our quality web portal, allowing their websites to be better positioned on web browsers.

The Destination Sarajevo Partners Club Certificate is proof of participation in our partner program and stands as a symbol of quality.

When a partner has a Destination Sarajevo Partners Club sticker on their premises, it lets Sarajevo visitors know that the object is part of a network that includes the best that Destination Sarajevo has to offer.

A very important aspect of our partner network is mutual cooperation, which not only ensures that partners will have an opportunity to use necessary services at special rates, but also helps build sustainable, long-term relationships.

Such partner lists will contain essential information, such as statistics on tourist visits and other news related to tourist movements in and around Destination Sarajevo and elsewhere in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This will help our partners better plan for business activities, while also having specific groups of tourists in mind.

Members of the Destination Sarajevo Partners Club receive a discount off the regular price of advertising space in our printed publications (Sarajevo Navigator, Destination Sarajevo and Sarajevo Map), as well as on the portal ( and the Sarajevo Navigator mobile app. It is possible to upgrade a basic membership through one of the pre-defined packages of advertising space (for a 12-month period): Recommended Partner, Gold Partner, Gold Plus Partner, Premium Partner or Premium Plus Partner. In doing so, you receive maximum discounts and get free promotional space.

We care about the partner relations we have with organizers of numerous specialized seminars and conferences in Sarajevo and Bosnia-Herzegovina, and we often secure special services and discounts on registration fees for Destination Sarajevo Partners Club members.

All of the materials that tourists come into contact with are part of the promotion of any destination. Should partners wish to create their own quality promotional materials, they may access our database of high-quality photographs of Sarajevo.