What is the Destination Sarajevo Partners Club?

What is the Destination Sarajevo Partners Club?

The Destination Sarajevo Partners Club has been created for those who would like to invest long-term in improving the visibility and reputation of Destination Sarajevo. Partner benefits are manifold – popular destinations attract more tourists who spend more money, which in turn makes partners more attractive on a larger market. This encourages partners to become more creative, innovative and focused when meeting the needs of a given market.

  • Who are we?

    Pilot editions of the monthly guide, Sarajevo Navigator, were published in July and August 2006 and regular publication of this free, bilingual guide for visitors started in April 2007. This was followed soon afterward by websites (www.sonar.ba and m.sonar.ba), a map, the Sarajevo Navigator mini guide; the annual guide, Destination Sarajevo, as well as many other projects, which strive to enrich and promote “Destination Sarajevo’s” offering.

    As a Destination Marketing Organization (DMO), the Sarajevo Navigator Foundation is involved in a number of activities on both domestic and international markets, all of which have the aim of better presenting all that Destination Sarajevo has to offer.

    We have developed a new, interactive marketing platform in order to better promote the Destination’s offerings, as well as those of our partners. We certainly welcome social institutions, foreign and domestic companies, tourism organizations and others who may like to join us.

    We have gained extensive experience through our daily communication and cooperation with entities that are directly or indirectly involved with the tourism sector, not to mention our dealings with tourists themselves. We have realized a number of fine projects as they relate to the BiH market, and even other world tourist destinations that are far more organized would be pleased with such outcomes.

  • What do we want to achieve?

    The territory covered by Destination Sarajevo takes in two entities and, since there is no state or inter-entity body to deal with the planning and active promotion of tourism offerings, Sarajevo Navigator, as a DMO, plans to consolidate all of the relevant components that comprise Destination Sarajevo’s tourism offering. Once everything has been collected, we plan to actively promote Destination Sarajevo on domestic and international markets for, in the future, it has the potential to become one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Europe.

    With this objective in mind, at the beginning of 2014 Sarajevo Navigator created a visual identity for Sarajevo as a tourist destination, followed by the Destination Sarajevo web portal. This was made possible by support from the following partners: the Tourist Association of Sarajevo Canton, the Tourist Organization of East Sarajevo and a number of other institutions concerned with the development of Sarajevo as a tourist destination. The portal, which can be found at www.destinationsarajevo.com and www.sarajevo.travel, was created in accordance with the highest international standards for web design and web programming. There is no doubt that it is currently one of the best destination web projects in this part of the world.

    The continuation of our internal and external promotional campaign, Osjeti/Feel Sarajevo, via social media and other internet networks, and the creation of a mobile phone app in the first half of 2015 have been very important steps toward the successful promotion of this tourist destination.

  • Why the partnership model?

    It is essential that we unite our individual qualities when striving to achieve our common goal of presenting Sarajevo as an attractive tourist destination that is worth visiting. Sarajevo Navigator has formulated a long-term plan for the continuous promotion of Destination Sarajevo. The symbolic financial support provided by our partners will allow them to contribute to the ongoing implementation of planned activities while participating directly in the promotion of their own offers, as well as those of the destination itself.

    Travel trends are changing rapidly in the world of modern tourism. Instead of longer stays in one place, short trips are becoming more and more popular – tourists are looking for new life experiences through quick getaways from everyday life (“city breaks”). Destination Sarajevo can certainly find its own niche amidst these trends.

    A destination’s product is only as strong as its primary components, so it’s very important that the development and promotion of any offer involve as many entities as possible which deal with domestic tourism.

    By basing it operations on a partnership model, Sarajevo Navigator acts as an extension of Destination Sarajevo’s main stakeholders, while striving to present the general and specific qualities of its partners in the most appropriate manner.

    The goal is clear! Sarajevo has enormous potential as a destination and Sarajevo Navigator has a vision of how this may be presented to target markets in order to generate tangible results for years to come. The success of this approach will depend on the growth of our partner network, as well as the support provided by our partners on the path toward our common goal: promoting Destination Sarajevo in the best light and in the most comprehensive manner.