20 places where you can enjoy traditional iftars in Sarajevo

Every year, the holy Islamic month of Ramadan lends a special atmosphere to Sarajevo, and many restaurants prepare special menus during this time for those who are fasting, as well as for everyone else who would like to enjoy a traditional iftar spread and feel the spirit of Ramadan.

Updated: 2019/05/10

It is a custom for iftar to start with dates or a sip of water or lemonade. This is followed by topa, a delicious dish that is prepared in a special way in Sarajevo (you can read about it in the May issue of Sarajevo Navigator.) Next comes soup or stew, and then something more traditional, like pita (pie), as an appetizer.

Manytraditional specialties can serve as the main course, and if you thought that was the end, think again! Be sure to leave room for dessert – tufahija, baklava, hurmašica or kadaif are just a few of the sweets that are the pride of Bosnian cuisine.

Restaurants try to be different and widen their selection of items by offering innovative dishes that fuse traditional and modern cooking, so everyone is sure to find something. Given that Sarajevans often spend iftar in restaurants with family and friends, whether they are fasting or not, this serves as the perfect opportunity to experience an interesting aspect of local culture.

We recommend that you make reservations at the restaurant of your choice well in advance so that you are sure to have a spot. We have selected 20 interesting iftar menus being offered at Sarajevo restaurants during the first half of Ramadan.

1. Sarajevo Ramadan Festival

2. Restaurant Amerikanac 

3. Fan Ferhatović

4. Cordoba Cafe

5. Radon Plaza

6. Le Pont

7. Nova Bentbaša

8. Sunnyland

9. Vidikovac Zmajevac

10. Aeroplan Restaurant

11. Brasserie August Braun

12. Bašča kod Ene

13.  Djeca Vjetra Agroturizam - Equestrian Club

14. Spite House

15. Imidž T Restaurant

16. Kolobara Han

17. Restaurant Maroko

18. Cafe Bakery Mrvica

19. Pino Nature Hotel - Prvi Šumar

20. Malak Regency Hotel