The best places for ice skating in Sarajevo in 2020

In Olympic Sarajevo, ice skating is something that all generations of Sarajevans count among their favorite things to do in town during the winter.


This year, BiH’s capital is offering an even more ice skating rinks, and they all have their own ambience and are located in different parts of town. There’s also the ice skating rink in nearby Hadžići, which has been prepared as part of the Hadžići Winter Fest.

Jaffa Ice Skating Rink (Hastahana Park)

The Jaffa Ice Skating Rink is operating as part of the 9th Annual Coca-Cola Sarajevo Holiday Market, which has been taking place in Hastahana Park in Marijin Dvor since December 4, 2019 and will run until January 13, 2020.

Thanks to support from Municipality Centar, skating on the ice rink (≈ 400 m2) will remain open free of charge to citizens and Sarajevo visitors even after the market closes, all the way until February 2.

Skate rentals cost a symbolic 2.50KM, and the rink works every day from 10:00 a.m. to 9:45 p.m.

Skating sessions run for 75 minutes, with a 15-minute break in between sessions to allow for cleaning and to prepare the ice for a new session.

Between skating sessions, you can warm yourself up with some special foods and a wide selection of drinks at the Carlsberg Holiday Pub, which is close to the skating rink.

Skating schedule:

Every day: 10:00-11:15; 11:30-12:45; 13:00-14:15; 14:30-15:45; 16:00-17:15; 17:30-18:45; 19:00-20:15; 20:30-21:45

Zimska čarolija (Skenderija)

The manifestation Zimska čarolija (Winter Magic), includes a large outdoor skating rink and will be taking place until January 31 at the Skenderija plateau. 

The rink works from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., sessions last for 75 minutes, and the break between each session lasts 45 minutes.

Admission and skate rentals cost 3KM (separate fees).

Skating schedule:

Every day: 10:00-11:15; 12:00-13:15; 14:00-15:15; 18:00-19:15; 20:00-21:15; 22:00-23:15

Zetra Olympic Complex

The ice skating rink at the Zetra Olympic Complex is open every day from December 30, 2019 to February 15, 2020 (except January 1).

This year, you will have to part with 3KM to use the skating rink at Zetra, the coat/clothing check costs 1KM, skate rentals cost 3KM and the fee for sharpening skates is 5KM.

If you would like to learn how to do jumps – the toe loop, flip, Salchow, Axel – or simply learn how to gradually get moving on the ice, you can take a class (between the public skating times) through hockey clubs or at a few of the skating schools.

Skating schedule:

Every day: 9:00-10:00; 11:30-12:30; 13:45-14:45; 16:00-17:00; 19:45-20:45

Vukovi Hockey Club Skating Rink (Zetra)

Located in a prefabricated tent set up as part of the Zetra Olympic Complex, the Vukovi Hockey Club Skating Rink (40m x 20m) is open to the public (every Friday, Saturday and Sunday) until May 1.

The cost of admission for one session if 3KM, skate rentals cost 2KM and family and group ticket options are available.

Skating schedule:

Friday: 19:45-20:45

Saturday and Sunday: 12:00-14:00; 17:00-18:00; 19:45-20:45

Ledena čarolija (Wilson’s Promenade)

Novo Sarajevo Municipality has, again this year, organized the manifestation called Ledena čarolija (The Icy Magic) of Novo Sarajevo Municipality, which includes an ice skating rink in the area between the National Museum and the Historical Museum.

The Icy Magic skating rink will work every day (from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.) until January 26, 2020. Skating and skate rentals are free of charge.

Skating schedule:

Every day: 11:00-15:30; 17:30-21:00

Ice skating school (all ages): Every day from: 16:00-17:30

Kids’ Time – skating session for children while accompanied by parents: Every day from17:30-19-00

Safet Zajko Centar

An ice rink covering an area of about 350 m2 has been opened in Halilovići as part of the Safet Zajko Center for Education, Sport and Recreation.

Skating is free for all ages, and those requiring skates may rent a pair for the symbolic price of 1KM (per 45 minutes of skating).

The rink will work until February 15 and will be open every day from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Skating schedule:

Every day: 9:00-9:45; 10:00-10:45; 11:00-11:45; 12:00-12:45; 13:00-13:45; 14:00-14:30; 15:00-15:45; 16:00-16:45; 17:00-17:45; 18:00-18:45; 19:00-19:45; 20:99-20:45; 21:00-22:00

Winter Fest (Hadžići)

This is the first year for Winter Fest to be organized in the Municipality of Hadžići. The event will run until January 25 and, in addition to its many other activities, there is a free ice skating rink that covers 300 m2.

The icy surface is open every day (12:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.) and classes are available for those interested in learning how to skate.

Skating schedule:

Every day: 10:00-11:00; 11:10-12:10; 12:20-13:20; 13:30-14:30; 14:40-15:40; 15:50-16:50; 17:00-18:00; 18:10-19:10; 19:20-20:20; 20:30-21:30; 21:40-22:40


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