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  • The Center for Education, Sport and Recreation is opened in the complex which once housed the Safet Zajko Barracks. This facility is geared toward the entire family, senior citizens, as well as sportsmen and those who enjoy recreational activities.

    The Center is located in the heart of Novi Grad, just five minutes from the tram and bus lines. It is also connected to the city by walking paths and the bridge in Nedžarići, bike paths and the road that has been recently redone, all of which allow one to reach the Center by foot, bicycle or car. However, the facility will be closed to vehicles, as well as fenced in, guarded and closed at night in order to prevent any damage.

    There is a water fountain and an oriental fountain in the central area and the summer theater, which will also include a summer garden for visitors, is intended for cultural events and entertainment. There is an outdoor fitness area and the Center has lots of greenery, walking paths and benches.

    The park has an athletic track, football field with artificial grass, a long jump pit, a basketball court, changing rooms, children’s play area and sand volleyball court.

    The complex is also planning to open a Center for Combative Sports (karate, taekwondo, boxing…), an educational center and eight tennis courts.

    The entire park has free Wi-Fi access.