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  1. Hotel Astra

    Hotel Astra


    Zelenih beretki 9, Sarajevo | Map

    Hotel Located near the Old Town and surrounded by many restaurants, cafés and pubs, Hotel Astra is an excellent starting point if you’d like to become more familiar with the magic of Sarajevo. More

  2. Hotel Astra Garni

    Hotel Astra Garni


    Kundurdžiluk 2, Sarajevo | Map

    Hotel Astra Hotel offers comfortable accommodation, peace and quiet and it isn’t far from Latin Bridge and the spot where the Sarajevo Assassination was carried out, and many other attractions that are located right at the entranc... More

  3. Hotel BM

    Hotel BM


    Džemala Bijedića 212, Sarajevo | Map

    Hotel Hotel BM is located in the Sarajevo neighborhood of Stup on the main road which connects the center of town with Ilidža. The location is also a good starting point for taking a tour of Sarajevo, as well as for making excursions to... More

  4. Hotel BM International

    Hotel BM International


    Pijačna do broja 2, Sarajevo | Map

    Hotel This modern hotel is part of the BM Business Center and offers tourist and conference facilities in a quiet location only 5 minutes from the Sarajevo Airport and Ilidža. More

  5. Hotel Bosna-1

    Hotel Bosna-1


    Butmirska cesta 8, Sarajevo | Map

    Hotel Bosna-1 is a hotel that offers modern and comfortable accommodation, allowing guests a chance to relax, take it easy and feel at home. More

  6. Hotel Bosnia

    Hotel Bosnia


    Kulovića 9, Sarajevo | Map

    Hotel The blend of tradition, comfort and hospitality are what make Bosnia Hotel stand out.  It’s located in the center of Sarajevo, not far from the main walking street – Maršala Tita Street – and two of S... More

  7. Hotel Colors Inn

    Hotel Colors Inn


    Koševo 8, Sarajevo | Map

    Hotel Situated in an ideal location in the center of Sarajevo, Colors Inn offers luxury accommodation with an ambience that reflects the skillful combination of modern styling for a hotel that is set amidst Austro-Hungarian architecture... More

  8. Hotel Divan

    Hotel Divan


    Mula Mustafe Bašeskije 54, Sarajevo | Map

    Hotel This little modern hotel is located in Baščaršija, not far from the main attractions, making it a great choice for those who want to get to know Sarajevo. More

  9. Hotel Grad

    Hotel Grad


    Safeta Hadžića 19, Sarajevo | Map

    Hotel This modern four-star hotel is located in Hrasno, a quiet Sarajevo neighborhood that is equidistant from the Old Town-Baščaršija and the Sarajevo International Airport. It is also perfect for both business trips and... More

  10. Hotel Latinski most

    Hotel Latinski most


    Obala Isa-bega Ishakovića 1, Sarajevo | Map

    Hotel Feel the family atmosphere and spend some time in a prime location right in the center of town, just a few meters away from the famous Latin Bridge (Latinski Most). More